Mario Forever : Block Party

Mario Forever : Block Party 3.3

Puzzle game with Mario as the main character
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Buziol Games
Make Mario use his head at something else other than hitting bricks and help him solve the puzzles in each round to advance in the game.

Mario Forever Block Party introduces a whole new way of looking at the famous Mario character. Instead of jumping on enemies, gathering coins, finding secret passages, rescuing lovely Princess Peach, or running from ghosts, he will do something more relaxing this time - solve puzzles.

The graphics, sounds, music and effects of this game are amazing. From the second you open it, a fantastic introduction of Softendo will be shown. The effects will make you open your eyes wide. And you cannot forget the music! it causes a nice "Cheer-up!" sensation that will kill your bad mood instantly. It has nice gravity effects when blocks and small rocks are falling, and even the water will splash gorgeously as the objects fall in the sea.

You will need to pass 100 levels in order to finish the game; the first puzzles are very easy to solve, and the game mechanics are quite simple, all you need to do is to push all the blocks until they fall to the sea. Some levels are a bit harder because you will need extra tools, such as bombs or ladders (to reach higher grounds), in order to destroy the blocks.

The game controls are the usual cursor keys and space bar, but be warned that this Mario doesn't jump, this was made intentionally to make the game a bit harder; so be careful when you go down some place, as you might be unable to get up there again.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Slow on some machines
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